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IUP Release 3.14
« on: May 05, 2015, 03:56:47 PM »
History 3.x

History of Changes in Version 3.x

Version 3.14 (28/Apr/2015)

  • New: support for Lua 5.3.
  • New: INFOTIP attribute for IupTree on Windows.
  • New: OPENCOLOR and HIGHCOLOR attributes for IupExpander to change the title text color in different situations. New TITLEIMAGE* attributes to use a title image instead of a text. New TITLEEXPAND attribute to enable expand/contract action in the title.
  • New: ANIMATION attribute for IupExpander to enable animation during open/close.
  • New: MULTIVALUECOUNT and MULTIVALUEid attributes for IupFileDlg when MULTIPLEFILES=Yes.
  • New: AXS_AUTOSCALEEQUAL and VIEWPORTSQUARE attributes for IupPlot.
  • New: CHILDOFFSET attribute for native containers (IupTabs, IupFrame, IupDialog, IupBackgroundBox, IupScrollBox).
  • New: CELL attribute in IupMatrix to return the displayed value.
  • New: EDITFITVALUE, EDITVALUE, EDITTEXT, EDITALIGN, EDITHIDEONFOCUS attributes for IupMatrix to control editing cell values and focus.
  • New: EDITCLICK_CB, EDITRELEASE_CB and EDITMOUSEMOVE_CB callbacks for IupMatrix called when EDITHIDEONFOCUS=NO and editing is on going right before CLICK_CB, RELEASE_CB and MOUSEMOVE_CB callbacks.
  • New: CELLNAMES attributes for IupMatrix when using formulas.
  • Changed: IupMap will now call IupRefresh when mapping the dialog after all other processing. This affects the MAP_CB callback of the children, that it will be called before the layout is updated, so the children current size will still be 0x0 during MAP_CB.
  • Changed: IupExpander internally remodeled to use other IUP elements to compose its handler area. The controls can be accessed by IupGetChild* and then reconfigured if necessary. There are no size limitations for images anymore. Extra buttons are now creation-only.
  • Changed: when editing a cell value the caret will now be possitione closest to where the user double clicked in IupMatrix.
  • Fixed: visual feedback when interactively moving the title or the legend box in IupPlot.
  • Fixed: transparency for images in IupTabs on Windows. Thanks to Nodir Temirkhodjaev.
  • Fixed: COPYDATA_CB callback for Unicode support in IupDialog on Windows. Thanks to Nodir Temirkhodjaev.
  • Fixed: setting TITLE attribute to NULL in IupPlot.
  • Fixed: automatic margin calculation in IupPlot when TITLE is not defined, top margin is automatic and bottom margin is manually set.
  • Fixed: Fixed FGCOLOR and FONT, when set before map in IupScintilla.
  • Fixed: update of CMARGIN and CGAP attributes when FONT is changed in IupGridBox, IupHbox, and IupVbox.
  • Fixed: resize of a IupButton with just a color on GTK.
  • Fixed: ACTION callback for IupBackgroundBox in Lua.
  • Fixed: ENTERWINDOW_CB/LEAVEWINDOW_CB call order in Windows.
  • Fixed: memory leaks in drag&drop processing in Windows. Memory leaks in internal IupImage cache.
  • Fixed: Enter and Esc keys behavior in IupList when DROPDOWN=Yes on Windows, while the dropdown list is shown they must simply close the list and do not forward the action to the dialog.
  • Fixed: VALUE attribute during VALUECHANGED_CB in IupList when EDITBOX=Yes on Windows and an item is selected with the keyboard.
  • Fixed: add new units of an existing quantity in IupMatrixEx.
  • Fixed: font parsing when using old invalid names.
  • Fixed: range and cell functions inside formulas when reference another cell that also uses formulas in IupMatrix. Recurrence in range and cell functions.
  • Fixed: DIRECTORY attribute return value when MULTIPLEFILES=Yes in IupFileDlg on Windows and GTK.
  • Fixed: toggle visible state when moving or copying a node in IupTree in Windows.
  • Fixed: keys processing in IupMatrixEx that were disabling IupMatrix regular processing.
  • Fixed: column resize feedback for IupMatrix when in GTK3.
  • Fixed: CLEAR attribute in IupPlot.
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