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PDF Stream Dumper
« on: May 03, 2015, 10:24:58 AM »

Quote from: Dave Zimmer
This is a free tool for the analysis of malicious PDF documents. This tool has been made possible through the use of a mountain of open source code. Thank you to all of the authors involved.

Has specialized tools for dealing with obsfuscated javascript, low level pdf headers and objects, and shellcode. In terms of shellcode analysis, it has an integrated interface for libemu sctest, an updated build of iDefense sclog, and a shellcode_2_exe feature.

Javascript tools include integration with JS Beautifier for code formatting, the ability to run portions of the script live for live deobsfuscation, toolbox classes to handle extra canned functionality, as well as a pretty stable refactoring engine that will parse a script and replace all the screwy random function and variable names with logical sanitized versions for readability.

Tool also supports unescaping/formatting manipulated pdf headers, as well as being able to decode filter chains (multiple filters applied to the same stream object.)


PDF Stream Dumper - Project Home Page

PDF Stream Dumper - Github Source Repository