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IUP 3.9 Released
« on: November 22, 2013, 04:12:42 PM »
History 3.x

Check the Migration Guide for a summary of the important changes and how to proceed when migrating from version 2.x to version 3.x.

Version 3.9 (22/Nov/2013)

  • New: KEYSUNICODE attribute for IupScintilla on Windows.
  • New: support for command line processing in the IupView application to convert image files to source code that creates an IupImage.
  • New: IupProgressDlg pre-defined dialog.
  • New: utility functions IupSetInt*, IupSetFloat*, IupSetRGB* and IupGetRGB*.
  • New: support for UTF-8 strings in the Windows and GTK driver using the UTF8MODE global attribute.
  • New: ACTION callback for IupExpander.
  • New: COLRESIZE_CB callback in IupMatrix.
  • New: COPYCOL, COPYLIN, MOVECOL and MOVELIN attributes in IupMatrix.
  • New: FRAMETITLEHIGHLIGHT and ALIGNMENTLIN0 attributes in IupMatrix.
  • New: TYPEL:C attribute and TYPE_CB callback in IupMatrix that allow to display a color, a progress bar, and an image in a cell.
  • New: RESIZEMATRIXCOLOR attribute in IupMatrix to control the resize column feedback color.
  • New: TOGGLEVALUE attribute and TOGGLEVALUE_CB callback in IupMatrix to enable a toggle button inside a cell.
  • New: control IupMatrixList that shows a list using an IupMatrix.
  • New: IupMatrixEx library with an extension package for IupMatrix.
  • New: VALUECHANGED_CB callback for IupMatrix.
  • New: IupSetLanguagePack, IupGetLanguageString and IupSetLanguageString functions to help in application Internationalization. Strings starting in "_@" will be automatically retrieved from the internal string database.
  • New: MASKFAIL_CB callback for IupText and IupList when MASK is used and an invalid text is typed.
  • New: Ihandle* parameter for IupGetParam.
  • New: attributes REMOVE and CURRENT in IupPPlot now also accepts the DS_NAME as value when setting.
  • New: PLOT_COUNT, PLOT_NUMCOL, PLOT_CURRENT, PLOT_INSERT and PLOT_REMOVE attributes for IupPPlot to support multiple plots in the same display area.
  • New: PLOTBUTTON_CB and PLOTMOTION_CB calbacks for IupPPlot.
  • Changed: preserve of FRAMEVERTCOLOR*, FRAMEHORIZCOLOR*, SORTSIGN*, MASK*, WIDTH*, RASTERWIDTH*, HEIGHT* and RASTERHEIGHT* attributes when lines or columns are added or removed in IupMatrix.
  • Changed: all color values in attributes now accepts also the notation "#RRGGBB" in hexadecimal.
  • Changed: removed Windows 2000 compatibility.
  • Changed: UTF8AUTOCONVERT global attribute renamed to UTF8MODE with inverted meaning. Old name still supported for compatibility.
  • Changed: renamed IupStoreAttribute to IupSetStrAttribute, and IupSetStrfAttribute to IupSetStrf, old names kept for compatibility.
  • Changed: IupMglPlot attribute ZOOM to not use "," where floating point values are specified, changed to ":".
  • Changed: added support for more keys in iupkey.h. New key definitions: K_LSHIFT, K_RSHIFT, K_LCTRL, K_RCTRL, K_LALT, K_RALT, K_NUM, K_SCROLL, K_CAPS and K_diaeresis. Now all GDK and X11 keys are supported, but non defined keys are supported using its hexadecimal value. Modifiers are now a bit value separated from the base key code, which can be obtained using the macro iup_XkeyBase. See the "iupkey.h" file for more definitions. IMPORTANT: any C/C++ source code that uses the "iupkey.h" definitions MUST be recompiled.
  • Changed: added support for keyboard selection in IupMatrix.
  • Changed: When LIMITEXPAND=Yes in IupMatrix and the scrollbars have *AUTOHIDE=Yes, the maximum size will not include the scrollbars.
  • Changed: updated Scintilla version to 3.3.5.
  • Changed: STEREO attribute processing in IupGLCanvas to avoid failure during canvas creation. If stereo is not available it will still create a regular OpenGL context.
  • Changed: ENTERITEM_CB callback in IupMatrix is now also called when focus is changed because lines or columns were added or removed.
  • Fixed: repaint of the IupOleControl that affected the IupWebBrowser on Windows.
  • Fixed: NODEREMOVED_CB callback for IupTree, was providing the wrong userdata in some cases.
  • Fixed: IupScintilla library build to internally use the Scintilla name space.
  • Fixed: K_ANY callback return code processing in IupScintilla on Windows.
  • Fixed: VALUE and CHARn attributes returned value in IupScintilla.
  • Fixed: IupToggle focus feedback behavior in Windows.
  • Fixed: missing IupGridBox register in Lua.
  • Fixed: fail to update IupTabs when a child is removed on Windows.
  • Fixed: documentation of internal callback parameters format list.
  • Fixed: unmap of IupTree, IupText and IupTabs in Windows.
  • Fixed: IupScrollBox expand behavior to not depends on children expansion, just like it is not dependent on children size.
  • Fixed: focus behavior in IupScrollBox, now CANFOCUS=NO.
  • Fixed: LEDC processing of IupSplit controls.
  • Fixed: IupGetAttributeHandle not checking at control implementation.
  • Fixed: IupExpander layout when closed but has a child that can be expanded.
  • Fixed: frame color transparency using BGCOLOR for title cells in IupMatrix.
  • Fixed: IupTextConvertPosToLinCol function for IupMatrix.
  • Fixed: position of dialog using IupShowXY when using IUP_LEFT and IUP_TOP, and the taskbar is at left or top in Windows.
  • Fixed: fixed internal test for known non string attributes that affected IupGetAttributes and iup.GetAttribute in Lua.
  • Fixed: clipboard and drag&drop data size in GTK.
  • Fixed: MASKFLOAT attribute parsing.
  • Fixed: CANFOCUS=NO in IupVal on Windows.
  • Fixed: IupWebBrowser when creating and destroying multiple controls in Windows.
  • Fixed: IupPPlotPaintTo to update plot sizes.
  • Fixed: returned value by SCREENPOSITION/X/Y attributes in Windows when the taskbar is at the top, or left of the screen.
  • Fixed: IupScrollBox mouse respond when there is no scrollbars.
  • Fixed: Spin was not being redraw when ACTIVE was changed in IupText on Windows.
  • Fixed: unmap of IupScintilla.

What's next?
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Re: IUP 3.10 Released
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2014, 12:54:18 PM »
Version 3.10 (17/Jan/2014)

  • New: DRAGDROPTREE attribute to enable automatic drag&drop between IupTrees in the same application.
  • New: DRAGDROPLIST attribute to enable automatic drag&drop between IupLists in the same application.
  • New: SHOWCLOSE attribute and TABCLOSE_CB callback for IupTabs to show a close button in each tab.
  • New: RIGHTCLICK_CB callback for IupTabs.
  • New: TASKBARPROGRESS, TASKBARPROGRESSSTATE and TASKBARPROGRESSVALUE attributes for IupDialog on Windows to show a progress feedback on the taskbar running in Windows 7+.
  • New: COPY, SELECTALL, PRINT and ZOOM attributes in IupWebBrowser.
  • New: function IupImageFromImImage in the IUP-IM library.
  • New: FITTOCHILDREN attribute for IupGridBox.
  • New: IupDetachBox container element to allow interactively detach of an element and insert it in a new dialog.
  • New: TEXTNUMERICLOCALE attribute for IupMatrixEx to allow a different locale during paste of numeric values.
  • New: IupBackgroundBox native container to allow more control of children visibility.
  • Changed: "IUP_EditErase" image to use "gtk-delete" definition instead of "gtk-close" in IupImageLib.
  • Changed: TABIMAGEn and TABTITLEn attributes in IupTabs to update the respective child attribute.
  • Fixed: VALUE_HANDLE attribute in IupZbox was write-only.
  • Fixed: missing IupMatrixList Lua binding.
  • Fixed: SAVEUNDER attribute in IupDialog on Windows.
  • Fixed: IupWebBrowser in GTK.
  • Fixed: horizontal frame color in IupMatrix.
  • Fixed: IupLoadBuffer.
  • Fixed: TIP attribute on Windows when not using Visual Styles.
  • Fixed: EXPANDCHILDREN in IupHbox, IupVbox and IupGridBox when children contains an IupFill.
  • Fixed: Caps Lock processing in Windows.
  • Fixed: COUNT, APPENDITEM, INSERTITEMid and REMOVEITEM in IupMatrixList when EDITABLE=Yes. Drawing of the empty line when there is no other items. Insertion of the empty line when there is less than 2 items in the list.
  • Fixed: ACTION callback in IupText when using UTF-8.
  • Fixed: SCROLLTO and SCROLLTOPOS attributes in IupText on Windows when FORMATTING=Yes.
  • Fixed: support for UTF-8 in IupClipboard on Windows that affected paste in IupText.