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Title: IUP version 3.19 Released
Post by: John on June 30, 2016, 01:33:09 PM
Hi All,

   We just released IUP version 3.19.

   We would like to highlight some of the new features:

New: IupDraw API for drawing custom controls in a IupCanvas or IupBackgroundBox.
New: IupGLText control for IupGLControls.
Changed: IupScrollBox will now expand to child natural size the first time the layout is computed.
Changed: FreeType and FTGL are now external to the project.
Changed: IupParam and IupParamBox are now controls.
IMPORTANT: removed controls, attributes, functions and headers that were deprecated. See the History page for the full list.

   You can find the complete list of changes and files for download at:

Best Regards,
Antonio Scuri