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Title: IUP Accounting Application
Post by: John on February 24, 2013, 10:23:29 PM
I thought a good way to test the IUP extension module would be to build a customer maintenance application that could be used in an accounting package. I'll start off doing a MAS90 like customer maintenance application and see where it goes from there. My hope is that some of the BB folks out there that don't see (i)NOMADS as a viable option in the long run take a look at ScriptBasic and IUP as a flexible open solution that runs on both Windows and Linux. I plan to use ScriptBasic for this example but the GUI framework created can be used with any language you end up using for the deliverable. I plan to demonstrate how IUP, MySQL and ScriptBasic compiled as a C application (using a share runtime DLL) can be used as a supportable rock solid development environment without the high price of by the seat licensing and language features based on emulation.
Title: Re: IUP Accounting Application
Post by: John on February 25, 2013, 09:11:20 PM


I found a nice (FREE/Open Source) ERP (distribution based accounting) system that is web based (PHP/MySQL) called FrontAcconting (

They have an online demo version if you would like to give it a try.

My thought is to use this web package as base for the desktop (Windows/Linux) version using IUP. The MySQL database would be shared and the business logic just needs to be converted from PHP to ScriptBasic.

My original thought of emulating a MAS90 like Customer Maintenance with IUP brought back bad memories and if Sage is killing off the BB side of their business I can't see trying to give it another life here.

FA Customer Maintenance screen shot attached.
Title: Re: IUP Accounting Application
Post by: John on February 27, 2013, 08:27:29 AM
Change of plans. I'm still putting the final touches on the ScriptBasic IUP extension module getting it ready for the 2.2 release. (addressing secondary callbacks/events)

I would be willing to help a ProvideX (Business Basic) developer that has an application (character based) that would like to upgrade the application to a GUI Linux/Windows environment. The goal would be to show a master file maintenance, transaction entry and reporting functions converted to IUP/ScriptBasic.

Please send me an e-mail to if you have such a application. All I ask is that you post screen shots and share your experience with us so the this process can be refined and made viable for others.